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A Life you Love Is Within Reach

"I Help Nurse Entrepreneurs Create Additional Income and Build Rewarding, Thriving and Profitable Businesses"

The online community every ambitious Nurse wants and needs to be a part of.

Why "The Resilient Nursepreneur?"

Learn to rise above the conventional way of nursing and practice in a way that truly inspires you. 

As NURSES we are uniquely qualified to start our own businesses in areas such as legal consulting, coaching, health & weight loss, and home healthcare.

The skills they’ve learned and honed through school and practice—critical thinking, prioritizing, organization, and managing emergencies—make us excellent business owners.

However, success requires learning and implementing business proficiencies.

e-book "7 Strategies to Create Income in Your Nursing Career" 

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As a Nurse, you deserve to love what you do.

Make More Money

Live Well

Embrace Self Care 

Collaborate with like-minded Nursepreneurs

Being a Mom


Successful Business Programs For Business Minded Nurses


One on One Coaching  for nurses who want to reach the next level.

Makeda, BSA RN, works with nurses who are ready to leverage their expertise and impact the world with their ideas and innovative solutions.

Create a Life you Love

Our blog has been designed to bring you real-life situations, tips, and knowledge to help elevate your career and create a life you love. 

Your path to more freedom, purpose, wealth and wellbeing starts with

The Resilient Nurseprenuer

"Makeda is a visionary and has helped to uplift my life, my career and by goals. She made me realize what I was leaving on the table" 

- Sami T.

“Having this support system has been essential to my growth as a travel nurse.  The insight and tips have helped me to push myself beyond my wildest dreams. I open my body medi-spa in the summer and can't wait!”

- Olivia G.

“I truly underestimated my full potential.  Having Makeda as a coach has helped me to grow my network, learn new techniques and combine my love of  beauty and nursing.  The Body Contouring Course has brought out a passion I never knew I had, instilling body confidence in others.”

- Sanice P.


The online community every ambitious Nurse wants and needs to be a part of.