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This course takes you through the basics of business credit giving you an opportunity to understand what business credit is, how to obtain business credit, the best type of business credit 


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Body Contouring in Person Course, Buffalo, New York!

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In this professional in person& hands on training, we assist our students in Ultrasound Cavitation, Laser Lipo, and Radio Frequency treatments.

Our course has been designed for those who are looking forward to growing their business by offering body contouring treatments. 

We direct all our students on how to properly conduct treatments.  It is very imperative to learn how to do Cavitation and RF treatments correctly so you can prove the best services to your clients. Our training will make you 100% confident when providing these treatments. 

✔ EXTENSIVE PRINTED COURSE MANUAL -Provides in depth training & knowledge like no other 

✔ DOWNLOADABLE PDF TREATMENT FORMS - With access to our PDF forms and resources, we will make your journey to become a body sculpting technician look easy from day one.

✔ CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - After the completion of our course, you will receive a certificate that can be shown to potential clients to build trust and authority. 

✔ BIG STUDENT DISCOUNTS - Not only do we provide you with an awesome course but you’ll also get AMAZING student discounts on products and supplies! 

✔ EXTRA HELP -  Are you feeling lost? We got your back! All students will be able to contact us through email for extra help.

Your success is our success. 


  • Average cost of service: $100-300 

  • Duration of results: 6-24 months approx. 

  • Average treatment time: 30-60 minutes 

  • Areas treated: Chin, Tummy, Back, Legs 

🚫 Non-Invasive 🚫 Non-Permanent 🚫 No Pain! 

Earn your Body Sculpting Technician Certification and become a master of today’s most in-demand aesthetic specialty!

**TWO COURSE OPTIONS: With Machine & Without Machine**


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Business Credit 101 provides potential and current business owners with the necessary knowledge to successfully use credit within their business. There are many reasons why business operators rely on credit to maximize their business potential, but it is necessary to have an insight into the business credit arena to ensure that business credit is used effectively.

This course takes you through the basics of business credit giving you an opportunity to understand what business credit is, how to obtain business credit, the best type of business credit and even explores the taxation aspects of business credit. Business Credit 101 will provide aspiring and current business owners the necessary knowledge to effectively manage their business credit and financial needs.

Course Motivation

What Is Business Credit?


To operate a business now, it is important to have a regular cash flow supported by financial income. Often that income must come from more than one source to guarantee financial solvency in circumstances when income from business either is absent or delayed.


To put it another way, if you are running a business and the profits from that business are not immediately in place, you will need to find other sources for income. This usually comes in the form of a loan from an external source, generally a business bank or financial institution, that is paid back over time. Just as an individual can borrow money to serve a need or enable an acquisition, known as personal credit, a business can do the same. This is business credit.