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Makeda, Spa Owner & Registered Nurse has a passion for helping women become a better version of themselves, meet their body goals and grow their confidence. Makeda has great experience with nutrition, understanding weight loss and is certified in body contouring. 


Nubian Resilience, "The ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions."

Here at Nubian Resilience we provide a unique beauty and wellness experience that helps our clients achieve their desired image of beauty with wellness products.  


Nubian Resilience, LLC, founded by Makeda Holt, A.K.A. "The Resilient Nursepreneur"  with the goal of providing body & wellness products.  Our mission is to bring the spa experience to the mobile and time-limited entrepreneurial business owners, with experiential content, commerce, and community. We have established an online community to provide knowledge and product to promote well-being, fitness, balance, and health as we serve the end-consumer with a virtual Selfcare experience.


Nubian Resilience is constantly gathering new visions, products, and experiences in weight loss, selfcare, beauty, fitness, health and transformative well-being.

When you go visit our "Selfcare & Wellness" page here at – you begin a Journey that is: Informative, Passionate and Engaging with Shopping from the Nubian Resilice Collection.  Love yourself!