Two people can start a Business at the exact same time.
The one that has the $$$ to scale wins!

It's a no brainer

👉🏽Unlearn that using credit is a bad thing.
👉🏽learn to Leverage the credit you have
👉🏽Invest in income producing assets

⚡Strategies are designed to get you to your destination.

⚡I'm only producing 6 figure business owners and business credit experts

It's invest in yourself season!!

Limited Seats

6:30 -7:00PM

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What's Inlcuded:

Access to The Resilient Nurseprenuer

Deep Dive into "Get Funded Workbook" 

Personal & Business Q&A 

Two Vendor Contacts to access to business credit

Believe it, I will Drop Gems! 


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My Story 

My name is Makeda, AKA The Resilient Nurseprenuer.  I was you at one point.  Feeling like a hamster on a wheel.  Investing in this and that to learn as much as I could about building business credit to scale my business.  Now I am a business owner running three successful businesses and want to share the knowledge I paid thousnds for with YOU!  I love to mentor and empower women.  It drives me!  

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First: 1 hour Business Credit Consultation 

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Second: Free "Business Credit" ebook + 30 minute Consultation

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Third: Goal Planner + 1 Business Credit Vendor